Well-being Warrior Challenge✨

Monday, 1st February 2021 marks the beginning of Children’s Mental Health Week. In line with this and our work towards receiving an Amber Flag for our school, we will be aiming to complete some wellbeing activities from OLOC’s well-being calendar for the month of February.

It is so important to look after our minds. We must look after our minds like we look after our bodies. Therefore, Ms. McDermott and Ms. Cullen, along with the Amber Flag committee, have organised a ‘Well-being Warrior Challenge’ to help us look after our well-being.

We will be assigning some wellbeing activities each week. Children must send a picture or a video of each activity to their teacher. If they complete at least three of the well-being activities each week, they will receive a certificate from their teacher. We ask for everybody to try their best to complete the activity assigned each day on this calendar. They won’t take long and they are very good for your metal health and wellbeing!

Follow the link to the Well-being Warrior Challenge below:


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