Welcome to the 2021-22 School Year!!

A big welcome to all of our new students in Junior Infants and those who have joined other classes throughout the school.  We look forward to seeing you all grow and blossom at OLOC.

Parents – OLOC uses the Aladdin Connect app to communicate information, keep track of attendance and you can pay book rental fees through the app.  If you have not already set up your account or logged in again since last year please do so ASAP.  If you are having trouble with the app please get in contact and I can help (Sarah 0896053450)

As Home School Community Liaison I have set up a Facebook page (search : hscldonnycarney) where I share information about school and the local community.  Please give the page a like and keep an eye on the posts.

If there is anything I can support you with throughout the year please do not hesitate to get in contact by phone/text/whatsapp 0896053450  or by email hscldonnycarney@gmail.com

Sarah Troy