We have Green Fingers!

Term 3 in Room 25 gave us a taste for gardening and farming.

We started off simply by growing cress. We did an experiment to see what plants need to grow.

  1. We found that the plants could be grown without soil (we used cotton wool).
  2. We found they could grow without sun but did not have any green colour.
  3. We found they could absolutely not grow without water.

Next learned all about sunflowers and planted our own.

Then we planted some grass – but it was hot in the window and the grass did not grow well. We think it needed much more watering.

Our biggest project was planting and growing our potatoes:

We had to wait a very long time for the seed potatoes to start to grow foliage. Then we had to wait for flowers – our potato plants had white flowers.

Finally when the flowers were almost gone we were able to harvest them.

We made and cooked chips from our potatoes and there was plenty left over for us all to bring some home too.