Water Workshop

By Green Schools Team in 5th and 6th class

On Thursday the 25th of January 5th and 6th class Green Schools representatives and Ms.Murphy went to the Water Workshop in Pearse Street Library. We did lots of activities to learn about water, how important it is and how we can help to make sure water is not wasted and make sure our school is a good water school. 

We learned some facts about water, like:

  • 97.5% of water is salt water in seas and not good to consume, and the other 2.5%                     is the water we drink and use everyday (which really isn’t much) and most of that is frozen in icebergs!
  • The only things you should flush down the toilet are the 3 P’s which  are pee,poo and paper and DO NOT flush anything else – even if you know 3 other things beginning with  P! 
  • Dublin uses so much water that if there was a bucket the size of the Aviva Stadium you could fill that whole  Aviva Stadium with only the amount of water Dublin uses in a day!.

We did some experiments with water. One of the experiments was with balloons and 1 of the balloons was filled with water and the other balloon was filled with water – if you hold a match up to the one with just air then it will pop straight away but if you put a match up to the balloon with water it doesn’t  pop because water absorbs the heat!  

We also watched videos about how they clean dirty/salt water to make it ok for people to use. It can take 3 days to make the water clean. Lots of things get flushed down the toilet that don’t belong there which makes it harder to make the water clean.  

We designed our dream water school where we collected rain water on the roof to make a swimming pool, and used rainwater to make a sensory water wall. That would be so much fun!

We learned a lot at our Water Workshop. It was very interesting and we had fun. We are going to plan a day where we carry out the experiments with all the different classes so everyone can learn more about water!