Our Trip to Dublin Zoo!

What a beautiful day it was for a trip to Dublin Zoo! We were very excited as we boarded the bus for our long awaited school tour. We had some lovely photos taken of our class by one of the ladies who works in the zoo and then we had to stop for a snack – all the excitement had worn us out before the tour even began!

Once we had topped up our engines, we went on a very long walk and saw lots of super cool animals. We saw giraffes, penguins, monkeys, wolves, rhinos – the list goes on and on. We were lucky that the zoo wasn’t too busy and we could see lots of the animals up close.

We had our lunch in a lovely green area, where we played and had lots of fun. Just before we got back on the bus, we went to visit the pet farm. We saw some very cute animals and had a lovely time playing in the playground.

We had some sleepy heads on the bus on the way back to school. We were exhausted from our long walk in the heat and from all of the excitement leading up to the tour. We’re all looking forward to a big long sleep tonight!




Lots of giggling and fun!



Little break in Dublin Zoo!


Best buddies!


Watching the sea lions!


A cute red panda to bring home!