Super Troopers

We are now into our fourth week of Super Troopers and everyone appears to be enjoying it. The feed back the Active Team is receiving is very positive. Every child in the school has received a Super Trooper’s activity journal which includes short activities to do each night as part of their homework. Every child also received a Family Activity Wall Chart to keep track of how active their family is. The hope is that the whole family will get involved and become more active.

Super Troopers is the first ever health homework programme in Ireland. It encourages children and their families to become more active and learn about healthy lifestyles. The programme includes short, fun activities around physical activity, wellbeing and nutrition. As we all know a healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body. For this reason, there are many opportunities in the booklet to allow for reflection on what makes us happy, how we are feeling etc. The booklet also contain healthy recipes to try out at home.

Keep up the great work everybody and remember keep ACTIVE!!

The Active School Team