Secret Compliment Buddies in 3rd Class

In 3rd Class this term we will be working on feeling good about ourselves and helping others to feel good about themselves! We decided that Mondays are the hardest day of the week because it’s back to work after a lovely weekend. So this is the day we have chosen for our Secret Compliment Buddies!

Every Monday morning, we each pick a name out of a hat to be our Secret Compliment Buddy. Throughout the day we watch our secret buddy to catch them doing something nice! The compliments are written on a piece of paper and put into our Good News box to be read out by Ms Fahy.


By the end of the day everyone has a compliment from an unknown friend. We love what our friends have to say about us so much that we keep our notes safe in our special Compliments Scrapbook so that at the end of the year we can see just how special everyone thinks we are!

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