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Junior Infants to Second Class.

Your Challenge: to run a half marathon between now and June 16th!

That’s 21.1km  :@), no bother I hear you say.

On June 16th we are having our 3 k walk, so the remaining 18.1 km will be completed at school  in the first yard (Parents Room Yard) between May 10th and June 15th on Wednesdays/Thursdays/ Fridays.

Please remind the children to wear suitable footwear on these days.

Simply log the distance you travel each Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday and you will quickly see the km’s total up.

I suggest before/ after small break or before / after big break as a suitable time to complete your laps.

  • 8 times around the first yard totals 1 km.
  • 16 times around it totals 2 km.

So for example to make 18.1 km you could do 8 laps of the middle yard on 19 different occasions. It’s that easy!

Get Active and get logging up the km on your Activity Log.

Go n-éirí libh.

You can download your Activity Log Junior here!