Room 3 Junior Infants (16/11/18)

This week has been busy, busy busy!! We had Science week and the Active flag raising ceremony with special guest Dublin player Evan Comerford.

Science week was so much fun! We did lots of experiments both with Mrs Conroy & with Mrs Troy. Among other things we learnt about our body, we investigated with magnets, we looked at colours with skittles.

This week we were the first class in the school to use the new Bee Bots. They are a first step for children when learning about Coding. It was great fun working out how to program them to move where we wanted them to go.

We enjoyed using Lego during Aistear to build and play with a Doctor’s surgery.

We really loved the small world activity during Aistear when we play with small figures and pretend they’re going to the doctor. This week we had a playdoh station where we gave people chicken pox, made bandages for others and made pretend pills to make them better.

We learnt the phonic sounds ‘i’ and ‘t’ and talked about words that begin with those sounds. During art we made igloos using paper that we cut into different shapes.