Room 1

Our Aistear theme for November has been Home.

We have had great fun playing in the Home corner – making dinner, tidying up, getting ready for school, watching movies and getting the kids ready for bed!

At the small world station we arrange the rooms in the doll houses and play house.

We even washed up the dishes at the water station!

We have drawn pictures of our homes and our families on the whiteboards


We built houses from lego – remembering to include all the rooms we would need in a house and doors and windows! We made great designs.

This week we started GAA with our coach Paul. We played lots of fun games and learned lots of important skills for Gaelic football.

Last week we played with musical instruments using our Dabbledoo music programme. We split into groups and had to follow the instructions of the conductor of when to play and when to stop. It was loads of fun!

This week in Maths we have been learning lots about shapes. We played a fun game where we have to feel a shape behind our back and guess what it is. We think about how many sides and corners it has (or doesn’t have) to help us work out what the shape is.

We then used the shapes to make pictures – we made houses, robots, rockets, monsters, funny faces and people.




As always, we have been very busy in Room 1!!