Picker Pals!

Since the start of January, our 1st classes have been busy working with our friends in Prosper Fingal to keep our community clean and tidy. We took part in the Picker Pals programme to pick up rubbish and litter near the school.

We split into different groups and went to a different area to pick up any rubbish we could find. We had some safety rules to follow: we wore our high vis vests, we were very careful near roads, we only picked up things when we knew what they were, we always used our litter pickers not our hands and we stayed close to the adults at all times.

We found lots of rubbish in the different places we went, including around the church, near Parnell Park and near May Park. We were very proud of our work helping to keep our community clean and tidy!

It is now the job of 1st class to keep our school yard clean and tidy and to pick up rubbish if we see it. We are the school Picker Pals!

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