Halloween Fun!

We’ve been doing some spooky Halloween activities this week in school. We made a slimy witches brew and had great fun playing with it. We cut open our pumpkin today. It was so slimy inside! We learned a poem all about the Jack o Lantern. The Jack o Lantern I am a pumpkin big and […]

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A Little Magic!

We were so excited to find out that we have not one, but TWO fairies living behind our fairy door in Room 1! After we placed our fairy door, a brother and sister fairy moved into our classroom and have been making themselves at home. They hang up their clothes on their clothes line at […]

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Trick or Treat for Temple Street

Next Friday we will be holding our Trick or Treat for Temple Street Fancy dress day. All children can dress up for Halloween and bring in €2 which we will donate to Temple Street Children’s Hospital. All support is greatly appreciated.

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