Dublin Regional Champions

Our Dublin Regional Champions

Look at our Amazing Irish Dancers! Well done to Alaina, Lucy, Chloe, Caroline, Lillie, Lucy, Holly, Eira, Colleen, Zoe and Molly who are competed in the Dublin Regional Championships. Some of the girls had so many medals that they couldn’t hold them all. Well done girls. Keep up the good work. We are very proud […]

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Mindfulness Colouring in 3rd Class

As part of Mindfulness and Well-Being Awareness in our school, we in Ms Fahy’s class have decided to take 5 minutes every day to do some Mindfulness Colouring while listening to soothing music. We find this to be a very relaxing activity that helps us to calm our minds, while at the same time allowing […]

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Cutting and Computers

In junior infants we have been really busy practicing our cutting skills and working on our new class computer! We received our new computer last week. It is a great incentive for the children as a reward for when they are finished their work. We love to look at Alphablocks,  Numberjacks and play with lots […]

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Our European Champion

Our European Champion!

Congratulations to Katie from 3rd class who won first place in the Junior European Championships for Barzilian Jiu-Jitsu in Birmingham last weekend. She is now Number 1 in Europe! Well done Katie. We are very proud of you!

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Magical Worry Plaque

We found out today that a magical worry plaque had been delivered to Ms Ní Bhreacháin from the fairies! We went with our whole class to visit the plaque in the lobby and it was very exciting! You can give your worries to the fairies by placing your hand on the plaque. When you think […]

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Terrific Tuesdays!

We always look forward to our fun PE and Music classes on Tuesdays in room 1! You can see us here in these pictures using balloons to indicate changes in a song. We are SO good at understanding very hard things! Our teacher is really proud of us!               […]

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We Love to Read!

People who love to read, read in lots of different places. We LOVE to read cuddled up with our blankets and pillows in school!   It means that we see reading as a treat rather than a chore.                                   […]

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