We’re Famous!

Today was the last day of school before the Easter holidays. It was made EXTRA special when we saw ourselves on tv! Have a look at us talking about the Worry Plaque we have in our school. Everyone in OLOC is very proud of how great we did!  

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Party Time!

Senior Infants and 6th class finished up the reading Buddies programme! We had a party to celebrate! We watched a movie together and had some popcorn and strawberries!  Senior Infants love to dance! They practiced their favourite GoNoodle dance so they could show 6th class their dance moves! ​​​​​​​ They decided to drag their buddies up […]

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Grandparent’s Day

We had so much fun listening to stories and learning what school was like when our grandparents were young. It’s safe to say we definitely prefer school now to years ago. Thanks to all you lovely grandparents who came in Emma’s nana Kathleen, Kaelin’s grandad Tony and to Abbey’s Nana Rita and Grandad Eamonn who […]

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Music madness in OLOC

    We have been very busy looking at the Orchestra in OLOC over the past few weeks. We were very lucky that James Cavanagh of the Royal Irish Academy of Music heard that we were such a fantastic school that he chose to bring two different groups out to see us. Last week he […]

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