1st class baby chicks 1

Terrific Thursday!

We had a really fun day in school today! We went outside to the school garden with the little chicks that Ms O’Dowd’s class have been looking after since they were just eggs! It was very exciting and the weather was beautiful. The chicks were very busy looking for food and we loved helping them […]

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Our Chicks

Our chicks are almost a week old now. The boys and girls have been very busy making them a cosy home. We need to clean out their bedding every few days, change their water and feed them every day. We brought them outside to see our vegetable garden. The boys and girls found lots of […]

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The boys and girls in room four have been learning all about the external parts of a flower. We learned about the stem, root, leaf and flower, and about what living things need to grow. We even made our own flowers during art. Yesterday we planted flower seeds in the school garden. We can’t wait […]

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At Home

The theme in playtime last month was At Home. The boys and girls in Senior Infants have such wonderful imaginations! Playing as mammy, daddy, baby, sister and brother, they came up with all sorts of stories and used fantastic language while communicating with each other!  They played in the doll house and  built houses with […]

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Mindfulness Colouring 

Senior infants have been enjoying mindfulness colouring. They enjoy the quiet time that they spend colouring each day! Mindfulness is a great skill to learn and the children are getting good at relaxing and staying calm while they are colouring. They have special pictures and colouring pencils to help them to concentrate!

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Entrepreneurs in 6th class

This year 6th class are taking part in the Junior Entrepreneur Programme. Over the past couple of months we have been coming up with different business ideas and earlier on in the month we presented the top 4 ideas to the ‘Dragons’ in a Dragon’s Den style activity. The idea that they thought would be […]

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