Our Year in Second Class!

It’s hard to believe that we are now at the end of 2nd Class and preparing ourselves for the move to 3rd! When we started in September we were two classes coming together, but you would never know that now! We have gelled beautifully and are such good friends and classmates that it is difficult to imagine that we haven’t been together since Junior Infants!

This year, to name just a few, we:

  • Worked super hard on our school work.
  • Went to the theatre. Twice!
  • Visited The Helix to see the panto.
  • Had really fun swimming lessons
  • Did lots of excellent science experiments (which included making slime!).
  • Meditated a lot!
  • Had a very special visit from the author Benji Bennett.
  • Wrote a magical story about Evie with Benji’s help.
  • Watched the Garda Band play, and joined in with their fun songs!
  • Had a visit from Santa!
  • Cuddled up with our pillows and blankets on cold winter days and read exciting, funny and wonderful books.
  • Learned how to use sign language!
  • Celebrated World Down Syndrome Day.
  • Raised money for Make-A-Wish and Laura Lynn Children’s Hospice.
  • Danced our socks off!
  • Created beautiful pieces of art.
  • Visited Airfield Farm.
  • Joined the school choir.
  • Took part in the Junior Achievement Programme.
  • Made our First Confession.
  • Made our First Holy Communion!
  • Cared for one another all year because we are a family.

As we end this year together, we remember, as always, our dear friend Evie, who didn’t get to enjoy this time with us but who was with us in spirit each and every day. She will always be in our hearts.

Here are some photo memories of our special year.

On we go to 3rd Class! How exciting!!

Ms. Adams x