Getting Ready for Writing

Making letters on paper is not easy for the small child. He/she must learn to hold the pencil properly and make regular shapes. His/her hand and finger muscles are only gradually developing at this stage.

You Can Help …

  • He/she must develop the ability to get the hand and eye working together. This is very important. Get them manipulating toys like: (a) Jigsaws, Lego, beads to thread etc. (b) Plasticine (Marla) to make their own shapes (c) A colouring book and thick crayons (d) Sheets of paper that they can cut up with a safe scissors.
  • When he/she begins to use a pencil make sure that he/she holds it correctly at the start. It will be difficult to change him/her later.
  • He/she may be making block letters at home even before he/she comes to school. This is fine. But when he/she starts making lower case letters at school you should try to get him/her to discontinue the blocks and practise his/her new system whenever he/she feels like it. Consult the teacher about this.
  • Don’t discourage left-handedness. If that is his/her definite natural inclination, don’t attempt to change it .