Our School Curriculum

The Irish Primary School Curriculum is divided into 11 subjects:

  • Primary Language Curriculum: Gaeilge & English
  • Mathematics
  • Social, Environmental and Scientific Education: History, Geography, Science
  • Arts Education: Music, Visual Arts, Drama
  • Physical Education
  • Social Personal and Health Education

Aistear is the Early Childhood Curriculum Framework. It presents children’s learning and development using four themes. These are:

  • Well-being
  • Identity and Belonging
  • Communicating
  • Exploring and Thinking

Understanding Maths:
First a Word of Warning Maths for the small child has nothing to do with “sums” or figures or tables or adding or subtracting. These will all come much later. Maths is really part of the language children use in understanding and talking about certain things in his/her daily experience. We will give you lots of ways to help


  • All children enjoy learning another language besides their own language. They have no difficulty in picking it up because it fascinates them as another code of communication.
  • They are free of any hang-ups about Irish unless they become aware that the home attitude towards it is not good.
  • So please be careful that anything you say does not give a negative attitude to your child. We would want his/her parents to give every encouragement and help to the small ones in their efforts to acquire Irish.
  • If they learn new words in school encourage them to use them at home. Use little Irish phrases or words now and again.
  • Children are delighted to find out that their parents are into their new code as well.
  • If they must learn Irish, let them enjoy it and master it to the best of their ability.
  • Use the simple words – Slán leat, Fáilte abhaile. At table – scian, spúnóg,. Use your cúpla focal.