General Development and Social Skills

The childrens’ general developments are enhanced through Art & Craft, P.E., Music, Nature and through Religious Education.

Children’s moral and social education is covered right through the school day e.g. kindness to others, sharing with them, saying we are sorry, being aware of God through the beauty of nature etc.

We operate the ‘High Fives’ throughout the school

We are kind

We are helpful

We listen

We work hard

We look after property

Social skills are very important.

  • We encourage good manners at all times, please/thank you, addressing teachers properly, being courteous to fellow students and teachers.
  • It is important to ask your child whom he/she played with at school and to ensure he/she isn’t alone, also encourage mixing rather than being dependent on one friend.
  • Rough behaviour is totally discouraged in the playground.