New Parent Information

Thank you for choosing Our Lady of Consolation School. We hope that your child will be very happy during their time here. All our staff work very hard to provide the highest level of education while ensuring there is an emphasis on fun, well being and enjoyment.

Starting school will be the first big change in the life of your child. This may seem a big step for someone so small but most children manage it without any great fuss or stress – and in fact take to it like ducks to water.

However, it is also a time when parents and teachers should take special care to ensure that the transition from home to school is as smooth as possible. If the child’s first experience of school is one of happy involvement, a very good foundation will have been laid for fruitful school years ahead.

It is important too, particularly during the first year, that parents understand what the aims of the school are, as many may be expecting too much in the way of academic achievement.

Please navigate through our “New Parents Information” to find out some important information about your child starting school