Mindfulness Colouring in 3rd Class

As part of Mindfulness and Well-Being Awareness in our school, we in Ms Fahy’s class have decided to take 5 minutes every day to do some Mindfulness Colouring while listening to soothing music.

We find this to be a very relaxing activity that helps us to calm our minds, while at the same time allowing us to tap into our creativity. It also improves our concentration throughout the day!

Here are some pictures of us during our first session!

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20161129_131238-3585x2689 20161129_131241-3585x2689

20161128_121619-3585x2689 20161128_121613-3585x2689

20161128_121626-2689x3585 20161129_131232-2689x3585 20161128_121645-2689x3585

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