Junior Infants Room 3 (28/9/18)

Be Healthy week was lots of fun in Room 3!  We did the GoNoodle song/dance ‘I Gotta feeling’ every day to practise for the whole school dance today at Student of the Week assembly.  We are really great dancers and love bopping around to different GoNoodle songs to keep us active and healthy.  We made smoothies this week for our ‘Healthy Cooking Competition’ entry.  We used strawberries, bananas, pineapple, orange juice and yoghurt to make delicious smoothies.

We have been working so hard to improve our fine motor skills by using ‘pinchy fingers’ to play a game with pegs and use tweezers to pick up and sort small items like buttons and mini fruit/veg shapes.

We got to play with the sand tray for the first time – which was lots of fun!  We are really getting good at playing together and sharing too.


We have been doing fun maths activities including sorting, counting and matching.  We also talked about things that are big and small.  We enjoy playing counting (both forwards and backwards!) dice games to help us practise counting,  sorting shapes into big and small shapes and making pairs with big bears and small bears of the same colour.

September has been a busy month in Room 3.  We have all settled into school so well and are enjoying making friends in our class and also playing in the yard with friends from other classes.