Junior Infants Room 3 (21/9/18)

This week in Room 3 we have been practising the nursery rhymes we learn for homework and a few extra rhymes.  It’s so important to continue to develop our speech & language skills.  We love the funny rhyme about a naughty little monkey throwing coconuts at an elephant and squashing him flat!   Circle time is a great time to improve our confidence when speaking in front of others and we are all working hard to learn all the names of our friends in our class.

We’ve been talking about Autumn this week.  Some class members have brought in items they found outdoors to include on our Nature Shelf.  We are planning on going on a nature walk next week around the local area to look for signs of Autumn.

Play is so important, we learn about sharing, taking turns, working with others and developing social skills.  It’s also time to have fun and laugh with our friends!

To keep us alert and keep our brains active – we have short active breaks between tasks.  This is us following a dance on GoNoodle – it’s fun singing and dancing with our friends!   https://vimeo.com/291144189