Junior Infants Rm 3 (5/10/18)

We dove head first into our Aistear theme ‘The Supermarket’ this week!  We have a small SuperValu supermarket set up in the classroom and each group had a turn during Aistear to role play shopping or being the cashier.  The other Aistear activities include a ‘small world’ ALDI supermarket, building a supermarket with Duplo lego and cutting out pictures from brochures to make shopping lists.  Check us out having fun…

We really enjoy staying healthy and in PE we are learning games we can play in the yard together.  This week we played Duck, Duck Goose.  We also exercised our minds by doing a Cosmic Kids mindful listening task.

We are still working on our fine motor skills and exercising our little fingers so they will learn how to hold a pencil correctly.

In maths we have been sorting, matching and making sets.

We used some of the conkers that people brought into school for our Autumn nature shelf to make ‘Conker Snails’ .  We moulded clay for the body, painted a design on a conker to use as the shell and stuck them both together then put on a pair of eyes.  They are drying in the classroom over the weekend and we will be bringing them home next week!


This week has been exhausting! But lots of fun with so much learning – Have a great weekend and rest up for next week!!