Junior Infants Rm 3 (17/5/19)

You may have seen us out the front of the school this week. We took advantage of the lovely sunny weather to start our ‘Run a Mile’ running initiative and to start learning how to skip using a skipping rope for the upcoming ‘Skip and Spell’ fundraiser.

We’ve also been working hard practising our reading and handwriting, learning about money in maths and working in partners using the iPads. We made our own short cartoons using the Puppet pals app.

For art this week we were challenged to work as a group at our tables and make a road, as we have been learning about road safety. We were given lots of materials and told to plan it as a group before we started making it. Then when we were finished we had loads of fun playing with cars, trucks and other vehicles on our roads! Check out our great roads!!

We have had a fantastic time building using the large polygon shapes in Room 18 this week.

We’re pretty cool dancers too! We use Go Noodle to take movement breaks during the day. This is one of our favourite guided dances at the moment.