Junior Infants Rm 3 (14/12/18)

We have been really active this week! We played a game with partners using the words up, over, under, through and between in our instructions. It was so much fun getting our friends to do things!! It helped develop our language in such a fun way.

On Tuesday we visited the church and looked at the Nativity scene. We talked about the story of Christmas and said prayers.

Our number formation is developing well, we love writing on the mini whiteboards to practise our numbers.

This week we talked about 3d shapes. We went on a shape hunt around the school and ticked our data sheet when we found cuboids, cylinders, cubes, cones and spheres. When we got back to class we talked about which shapes we saw the most of, cuboids and cylinders were very popular!

Using our letter cards we have been practising phonic sounds and we started putting some sounds together to make short words. Blending sounds is hard but we are all trying our best and doing super work.

We have been doing lots of Christmas art and today we used playdoh to create snowmen, the grinch and lots of things related to Christmas.

We have been practising every day for the Christmas concert next week. We have got a wonderful show in store for everyone and hope to see you all there!!