Junior Infants Rm 3 (12/4/19)

Easter holidays are here!!!!!

Last week we had two birthdays.

This week was Mindfulness week and we tried some guided mindful practise. It was very hard to stay still and not be distracted by others. We definitely got better as the week progressed.

We started the theme ‘The Airport’ in Aistear. It has been really exciting making airplanes from junk, lego and playdoh.

We have been talking all things Spring and we have been watering our cress seeds. It was great to come in after the weekend and see that the cress had grown! We got to see a ladybird close up too!

We have been learning about weight, we explored things using balancing scales. We also ordered pictures starting from the heaviest.

In PE we enjoyed an obstacle course which involved jumping, throwing and balancing.

Finally we did some Easter art, had an egg hunt and made chocolate nests. What a treat!!