Junior Infants Rm 3 (12/10/18)

What a busy week!

Another birthday in our room – it’s exciting turning 5 !!

This week we have been experimenting with autumn colours and painting around leaves then using them to print with.  We also put the finishing touches on our conker snails.

One of our Aistear stations this week was using playdoh to make food for our trolley.  We had lots of fun!!

We are really lucky to have 2 learning support teachers who come into the classroom everyday for Literacy stations.  Mrs Pugh and Ms Kilcoyne are so much fun and we love working at their stations.

In our music lesson we were divided into groups and we had a chance to conduct the class when they were playing instrument and doing body percussion.

We continue to work on our fine motor skills – because practise makes perfect!  Our cutting skills are definitely improving and we love the new buttons Mrs Troy bought to use to make patterns, sort and make into sets.

Another week is over and we are continually learning and improving.  We still enjoy our ‘GoNoodle’ dances, our rhymes and songs and we really enjoy yard time!