Halloween Fun!

We’ve been doing some spooky Halloween activities this week in school. We made a slimy witches brew and had great fun playing with it.




We cut open our pumpkin today. It was so slimy inside! We learned a poem all about the Jack o Lantern.

The Jack o Lantern

I am a pumpkin big and round

Once upon a time I grew in the ground

Now I have a mouth, two eyes and a nose

What are they for do you suppose?

With a candle inside burning bright,

I’ll be a Jack o Lantern on Halloween Night!



We also learned a lovely song about a witch.

A witch has a big black hat

A witch has a big black hat

She flies on her broomstick through the sky

And OOOooo is her cry!


What do you think of our spooky Halloween artwork?