Halloween in 1st Class

img_20161029_144246  img_20161029_144354img_20161029_144435  img_20161029_144515   img_20161029_142754      img_20161029_143410 img_20161029_143543    Halloween 2016

We had a great day on Friday! We all dressed up in super duper costumes to raise money for Temple Street and to celebrate Halloween. Some of us really scared our teacher, which was especially fun!

We had a costume parade with the whole school in the hall. It was great because we had the chance to see everyone’s costume and to show off our own.

We did some spooky Halloween art and we had a little party in our classroom. We’re happy it’s the midterm now because we have been working really hard and so it’s time for us to recharge our batteries!

We’re looking forward to coming back to 1st class in a week. We will then start preparing for our Nativity play! Lots of exciting times ahead!

Have a great break everyone!