#GRMA DAY – Friday December 11th

To acknowledge and celebrate the work being done in our school communities in maintaining a safe environment in which our children can enjoy attending school, 11 December 2020 is nominated as a day in which all of us can join together to say ‘Go Raibh Maith Agaibh!’ (Thank you) or GRMA!

As Principal, I am grateful to the following:

Our Cleaners – Marion, Linda and Sinead – they clean and sanitise our school every day – we literally would be lost without them! Thank you!

Our Caretaker – Gabi–he works hard looking after the school building and the grounds, building, fixing or whatever is needed,  delivering the lunches to the classes and lets us in every morning. Thank you!

Our SNAs – not only do they look after the most vulnerable, but they look out for all of our students! Thank you!

Our Covid Compliance Ladies – Rachel Adams, Fiona Murphy and Becky Byrne– they look out for all students, ensuring that we all follow guidelines, they meet and chat, and keep us informed on how we keep Covid Safe! Thank you!

Our Secretary – Linda – on the phone – at the frontline – she answers your queries or points you in the right direction, she lets you know if your child is sick, manages the  wages, keeps Aladdin and OLCS up to date and generally keeps the whole thing ticking over. Thank you!

Our Teachers and HSCL (Sarah)– they are here everyday ‘in loco parentis’ guiding, leading, minding and teaching your children in what are very anxious times, they have embraced the changes, adapted teaching styles, support parents where they can and look out for everyone in the building, thank you! 

Our Deputy Principal and In School Management Team– Vanessa Golden, Shirley Tarpey, Amanda Sweeney, Linda Pugh, Fiona Murphy and Grace O Connor. They not only work as teachers in the school but they also help ensure that managerial decisions are considered from all angles, and that the teaching and learning in Our Lady of Consolation is always being monitored.

Our Board of Management – These are all volunteers who meet once a month, and sometimes in between, to keep the school running and ensure all decisions made are in the best interest of the whole school community. Thank you.

Our Students – the level of compliance from our  over 300 children has been fantastic, the level of change these students have adapted to is so impressive – they make our jobs easier and so enjoyable! Thank you!

Our Parents – thank  you! You have been so supportive of our wonderful school. You have shown gratitude and pride in our school – you have supported us with some of the difficult changes we have had to make this year.

It makes me very proud to be the Principal of such a great school community!

If you would like to send a message to someone please email it to office@olocshool.ie with #GRMA in the subject line.

Stay safe & Best wishes,

Aoife Ní Bhreacháin,