Green Schools

The green schools programme is to make the school a more environmentally friendly place and to promote environmental awareness and care amongst  all members of the school community.

When the school has implemented certain actions for environmental protection we can apply to be assessed by an Taisce, and if we have met their criteria, will be awarded a green flag.

At the moment we are working hard to achieve our first green flag which is for reducing litter and waste.

You can read more about Green Schools on their website:


Our school has a green schools committee which has members from the students, staff and parents. We meet about once a fortnight, to review what we have done to date and to decide what steps we need to take in order to achieve our green flag status.

Children on the Green Schools Committee

  • Sadie McCann
  • Norah Fitzgerald
  • Alaina Clarke
  • Niamh O’Meara
  • Jessica Wilson
  • Sophie Griffin
  • Darragh Dunne
  • Erin O’Neill
  • Christian Doyle
  • Colleen Fitzsimons
  • Leah Kelly

Parents and Teachers on the Green Schools Committee

  • Fiona Murphy
  • Emma Conroy
  • Bernie Burke
  • Rosaleen Carroll
  • Sinead Murphy
  • Nicola Hyland
  • Gill Browne
  • Frances Sheridan
  • Jude Ryan
  • Aine Commins
  • Sile O’Dowd
  • Ruth Slattery
  • Marion Barry


Buying Bins is no Joke!!

Some of the children from the Green Schools Committee visited Northside Shopping Centre recently to buy new compost bins for the school.  They had to make some difficult decisions and stick to the budget.  These two little business women even managed to arrange a freebie for themselves. Well done girls!




           Recycling Bins – We’re Losing Count!!!

Some of the children form the Green Schools Committee visited Ikea recently to buy recycling bins for all the classrooms.  They had a great laugh at Jenny and Emma who kept losing count of the bins!!  It was hungry and thirsty work wheeling the heavy trolly.  A cuppa and a bit of cake was well deserved . Yum yum!!


Green Schools Training Seminar 2017

Some of the Green Schools Committee attended national training for this years campaign “Litter and Waste”.



       We’ve Been Working on Our Green Schools                                            Notice Boards!!

Green Schools Outings to Buy Bins.

5th Class Green Schools Project