Genius Hour in 3rd Class

During our last term in 3rd Class we started a new initiative called Genius Hour! Genius Hour is when we are allowed to research any topic that we find interesting. We used laptops to look up lots of information about our subject and then we created PowerPoint presentations to show everyone what we learned. Everyone’s project was so interesting – we all learned so many new things!

Here are our projects. Click the links to download them. We hope you enjoy our final post from Ms Fahy’s 3rd Class!

Birds of paradise by Niamh, Eva and Alesha

The Human Brain by Norah, Robyn and Katie

International Space Station by Amber and Ana Maria

Extinct animals never heard about by Goda, Jodie and Jasmin

Computer code by Eleanor, Stefania and Abigail

Cave men by Leah and Mya

FRUIT BATS by Emma, Abbie and Caroline