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Junior Infants Rm 3 (8/2/19)

We had a birthday this week! What a great way to end our week! We went on a class trip to Imaginosity, a children’s play museum with loads of different activities and themed areas. It was so much fun!! Listen to what the children said were their favourite things to do when we were there. […]

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Gymnastics in 4th Class

4th class have been doing gymnastics for the last month! They have really enjoyed learning and practicing different balances, rolls, jumps, turns and handstands. They practiced following a sequence and creating their own sequences!!

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Symmetry in 4th Class

This week 4th Class have been learning about symmetry. They used the ipads to take pictures of things that were and were not symmetrical. They added the line of symmetry to the picture. They could add text and voice recordings to explain their pictures.

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Junior Infants Rm 3 (1/2/19)

The cold hasn’t stopped us from working hard this week in Room 3. If you get the chance to walk down the junior corridor you’ll see the clay creatures we made and painted. They’re very creative! We played a new maths game which helped us practise our number formation. We finished our school theme in […]

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Junior Infants Rm 3 (25/1/19)

What a week we’ve had this week! Everyone must have been eating a really good breakfast because they have been coming into school raring to go! Everyone is working so hard at improving their handwriting, learning their sounds and working with numbers. We worked on spatial awareness and problem solving by completing some tough jigsaws. […]

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Science experiments in Room 6

Today, Senior Infants in Room 6 were investigating how animals stay warm in winter. We used Ziploc bags and butter to create blubber and compared how cold the water felt with and without the extra layer. They discovered that an extra layer of fur and blubber keep animals like the polar bear warm in cold […]

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Junior infants Room 1

It has been a very busy few weeks settling back into school for the boys and girls in Room 1. Our new Aistear theme for this month is The Jungle! We have been learning lots about different types of Jungle animals and what they like to do. We have been making great teachers by telling […]

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Christmas Junk Art Competition!

Before Christmas, the Green Schools Committee ran a Christmas junk art competition for the whole school. The children were asked to make decorations or Christmas themed art using as many recycling materials as they could. We had entries from every class from Junior Infants to 6th class. The art work was amazing and we learned […]

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Merry Christmas

After a very busy Decemeber I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. 4th class did an amazing job performing the story of The Grinch. We had a visit from Santa on the last day! The girls had a great Christmas party singing and dancing!! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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