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Junior Infants Rm 3 (19/10/18)

Maths week was fun in Room 3!!  Congratulations to Reagan who won the competition for guessing how many pieces of lego in the jar. We have another 5th birthday in class this week. We’re all getting so big!! This week we started talking about Halloween – we learnt vocab as Gaeilge, we made pumpkin prints […]

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Junior Infants Rm 3 (12/10/18)

What a busy week! Another birthday in our room – it’s exciting turning 5 !! This week we have been experimenting with autumn colours and painting around leaves then using them to print with.  We also put the finishing touches on our conker snails. One of our Aistear stations this week was using playdoh to […]

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Junior Infants Rm 3 (5/10/18)

We dove head first into our Aistear theme ‘The Supermarket’ this week!  We have a small SuperValu supermarket set up in the classroom and each group had a turn during Aistear to role play shopping or being the cashier.  The other Aistear activities include a ‘small world’ ALDI supermarket, building a supermarket with Duplo lego […]

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Aistear in Room 1

Junior Infants have started Aistear this month. In Room 1 we are learning all about the Doctor’s surgery!   We are having great fun dressing up as doctors and nurses. The receptionists have been taking phone messages and checking appointments.                 The doctors and nurses help the sick patients […]

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Junior Infants Room 3 (28/9/18)

Be Healthy week was lots of fun in Room 3!  We did the GoNoodle song/dance ‘I Gotta feeling’ every day to practise for the whole school dance today at Student of the Week assembly.  We are really great dancers and love bopping around to different GoNoodle songs to keep us active and healthy.  We made […]

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Junior Infants Room 3 (21/9/18)

This week in Room 3 we have been practising the nursery rhymes we learn for homework and a few extra rhymes.  It’s so important to continue to develop our speech & language skills.  We love the funny rhyme about a naughty little monkey throwing coconuts at an elephant and squashing him flat!   Circle time is […]

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