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1st class baby chicks 1

Terrific Thursday!

We had a really fun day in school today! We went outside to the school garden with the little chicks that Ms O’Dowd’s class have been looking after since they were just eggs! It was very exciting and the weather was beautiful. The chicks were very busy looking for food and we loved helping them […]

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Our Chicks

Our chicks are almost a week old now. The boys and girls have been very busy making them a cosy home. We need to clean out their bedding every few days, change their water and feed them every day. We brought them outside to see our vegetable garden. The boys and girls found lots of […]

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Exciting times ahead

Busy week in Room 8

This week we were Busy Bees! We learned all about Length in Maths and had so much fun during  Maths Blast. We even presented the weather as Gaeilge. ☘️️We learned all about St Brigid. To celebrate the day, we made real St. Brigid’s Crosses from rushes. The most exciting part is yet to come. Today Davy […]

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We learned all about Kandinsky. He was a famous Russian artist who loved abstract art. Kandinsky liked to listen to music while he created his artwork. We examined his piece of art called ‘Squares with concentric circles’. We put on Kandinsky’s favourite music and we got to use his very own oil pastels to create […]

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Meditation and Yoga in 1st Class

Although we are all very busy in the run up to Christmas, First Class took some time out this morning to meditate and do some yoga. It was a lovely way to start the day! Today we focused on feeling compassionate towards ourselves and others. We were nicely relaxed for the rest of the day! […]

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Magical Worry Plaque

We found out today that a magical worry plaque had been delivered to Ms Ní Bhreacháin from the fairies! We went with our whole class to visit the plaque in the lobby and it was very exciting! You can give your worries to the fairies by placing your hand on the plaque. When you think […]

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We Love to Read!

People who love to read, read in lots of different places. We LOVE to read cuddled up with our blankets and pillows in school!   It means that we see reading as a treat rather than a chore.                                   […]

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