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Fun in Fifth!

We had fun today bringing poetry to life through drama. Our expression was excellent and we enjoyed working together on a funny poem called “I’m Being Abducted by Aliens”! We also had a great dance class with a special dance teacher. It was very enjoyable.  

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Fun and Fit with Boxing

Fifth and Sixth class are getting really fit! Every Friday afternoon they are taking part in fitness boxing classes with Coach Noel in our school hall. The girls are really enjoying all the new skills and moves they are learning from the “boxing in the community” partnership. The girls are currently training in The Bronze […]

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Food Science

Last week 4th and 5th class were invited to Le Chéile during science week to see different types of science experiments with food. It was really interesting and we learned how changing food into different states (from a solid to a liquid and back to a solid) can create different delicious food. We turned strawberries […]

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5th Class Poetry

Fifth class have composed some beautiful Summer poetry using metaphors. Each poem contains metaphors for a Summer colour. Please have a read of the poems below and see if you can guess which Summer colour the poem is about before clicking on the last slide. (Tip: You can play the slideshow by pressing F5 on […]

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Releasing our butterflies

Our caterpillars have hatched and have changed into beautiful ‘Painted Lady’ butterflies. They have been living in our classroom for the last two days. We had fun looking after them and making nectar to feed them. We said goodbye and released them today! 

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