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Room 1 in the Home Corner

Junior infants had great fun playing in the home corner. They made delicious food, set the table, looked after the baby, made many phone calls and cleaned up! In the water play they washed some dishes and they used bottles and soap dispensers. It was a bit tricky to put the lids on the bottles […]

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Activities in Room 1

We had great fun doing a Skittles Exeriment for Science week. Well done to all the children for doing their own science experiments at home.We also had fun with Larry in GAA today. We all got very messy doing art. We painted food and did some great printing. Well done the children who have gotten […]

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Halloween Fun in Room 1

The boys and girls in room 1 have had great fun this week. They have been doing loads of fun Halloween activities. We played some halloween games. They loved the worms (spaghetti) and eye balls in the water play tub. We also changed the colour of the water We also had fun making pumpkin rice […]

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Doctors in room 1

Junior infants have been having great fun during play time. Our theme this month is ‘At the Doctors’. They have a role play corner where they pretend to be doctors, nurses, patients and the receptionist.In the Art area the children were cutting out some pictures of the doctor’s tools. They also drew around each others […]

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Fun in Room 1

The children have been having great fun with water play. They are pouring from containers, squirting syringes, squeezing sponges and learning lots of new words. We had our first GAA session with Larry today! We had so much fun!! We also have fun doing our yoga in the classroom! Working on our fine motor skills […]

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Junior Infants Room 1

What a busy few weeks we have had in Room 1. The boys and girls had their first week finishing at half 1. They did a fantastic job and loved having two yard breaks everyday.We have been doing loads of work on our colours! Plenty of games, finding colours around the room and colouring worksheets. […]

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Boy’s Graduation

Have a look at the boys singing their Graduation Song. It was a little bit different this year as we had a Zoom Graduation! Congratulations to all the boys from 1st class and Jayden and Alex from Leeanne and Alison’s classes!!!

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