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Magazines in 4th Class

4th Class have been working very hard on their magazines! They have written many articles, recipes, fun facts, horoscopes, experiments, exercises, book reports, puzzles, jokes and many more!! They enjoyed reading each other’s magazines and presenting their magazine to their 1st class reading buddies!!

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Today 4th class went out with the two First class to protest for action to tackle climate change! They made posters which said ‘Save our Planet’ and ‘Climate change needs you to Change!’ They stood along the Malahide Road shouting and holding their posters! They did a fantastic job and got loads of support!!

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Gymnastics in 4th Class

4th class have been doing gymnastics for the last month! They have really enjoyed learning and practicing different balances, rolls, jumps, turns and handstands. They practiced following a sequence and creating their own sequences!!

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Symmetry in 4th Class

This week 4th Class have been learning about symmetry. They used the ipads to take pictures of things that were and were not symmetrical. They added the line of symmetry to the picture. They could add text and voice recordings to explain their pictures.

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Merry Christmas

After a very busy Decemeber I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. 4th class did an amazing job performing the story of The Grinch. We had a visit from Santa on the last day! The girls had a great Christmas party singing and dancing!! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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