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Mental Health Awareness Week in 2nd Class!

The girls in 2nd class have had great fun all week taking part in all the activities for mental health awareness week. They enjoyed some mindful meditation, they created a gratitude tree with all the things that they are grateful for, went on a walk to Maypark for a mile with a smile, created amber […]

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2nd Class are Wellbeing Warriors!

For the month of February 2nd class have been working hard at the wellbeing warrior challenge. Each week there were three different challenges for them to complete. These included, mindfulness breathing, having a dance party, doing a secret act of kindness, making a thank you card, going on a nature walk, mindfulness colouring and making […]

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2nd Class’s Happy Hands!

The girls in second class have been very busy doing lots of work online at home. This week they did some mindfulness art and created happy hands. First they traced their hands. Then they thought about things that make them happy and wrote them onto their hand drawing. Finally they used lots of different colours […]

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Science Week in 2nd Class!

The girls in 2nd class have been very busy this week as they have been learning all about magnets for science week. They first played with and explored the magnets and learnt about the different magnetic poles. After that the girls made predictions about different items in the classroom and whether they would be magnetic […]

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Autumn Nature Walk in 2nd Class

2nd class have been very busy learning about Autumn. We went on a walk in our school grounds to look for Autumn changes. We found leaves changing colour, bare branches, frosty webs and mushrooms. We also had great fun throwing the sycamore helicopters in the air! We then went to the school garden and Gabi […]

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Dia de los Muertos in 2nd Class

2nd class have been busy learning about the festival Dia de los Muertos. We looked at pictures and videos and read about how it is celebrated. We then talked about the similarities and differences between it and Hallowe’en. The girls then had lots of fun designing their own sugar skulls. Look at their fabulous work […]

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Autumn leaves in 2nd Class!

The girls in second class have been busy learning all about Autumn. They looked at the different colours which can be found in Autumn leaves. We looked at the colour wheel and how the autumn colours are warm colours. The girls then used red, orange and yellow oil pastels to colour in their leaves. They […]

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Back to school in 2nd Class

Since returning to school 2nd class have been busy having lots of fun! In our first week, we read the story “Mega Magic Hair Swap” and talked about how we are all unique. We drew self portraits focusing on the things which makes us special. We also drew portraits in Picasso’s cubism style. Another interesting […]

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