Active Flag Renewal

Active Flag Student Committee

As part of our Active Flag Renewal this year our 6th class girls have come together to form the active committee who take on jobs as: ensuring we have an active yard and coordinating active lines, coming up with an active slogan for the school, conducting surveys to students about how we can improve our level of Activity in school, and many more.

Fyffes Fit Squad Challenge

Our school took part in the Fyffes Fit Squad Challenge this year which ran from the 1st of November up until April. The aim of this competition is to find Ireland’s fittest school. Before Covid-19, over 20,000 children from across Ireland took part in the face-to-face schools. This year Fyffes set out exercise videos by coaches Phil Healy and David Gillick to get us started. Over the months we took part in weekly exercises in the classroom and during PE lessons to earn banana points. Our Lady of Consolation came out with a modest 440 banana points for our efforts, below are some highlights of classes taking part in the activities.

Laps for Life

Starting on the 3rd of May, Our Lady of Consolation took on a four week running challenge. Out Active committee marked out a running track of 100m and classes are out every day getting laps done! Every time a class completes a lap they add one cube to their container in the classroom. At the end of the 4 weeks we will have a winner from the senior and junior classes who will receive and Active Surprise! We will also add all our our efforts together to see collectively how long we have run over 4 weeks! To make it around Ireland each class would need to do atleast 11 laps every school day for the 4 weeks! We are underway here and motivation is high in all classes.