Maths Week in 4th Class

4th class had a busy Maths Week!!

On Tuesday we played some maths games in the kitchen!

On Wednesday we had a Lego workshop where the girls got to build a clock tower with Lego! There was a motor and battery to include in the build too!! It was quite challenging but great fun!

Thursday was a busy day! We guessed the amount in the estimation jar! We went down to the hall and did a Tables Treasure Hunt. The children had to figure out the sum, find that answer in the hall and discover the letter behind the number. In pairs they worked out the riddle!

Also on Thursday we went down to Ms. Cullen’s 1st class. We played maths games with them!

On Friday we had our Mathematician of the Week ! We even got to play a small maths game before we headed off for swimming!! Maths Week was great fun!!

Thank you to the teachers involved in organising the activities!