6th Class Bake Sale for J.E.P. 🍪🍪🍪


We are so grateful for all the support we received today at our cookie bake sale. Thanks so much to all who got the opportunity to buy the cookies. I know some classes didn’t get the chance due to leaving school early. I’m sure we will have another bake sale before we leave 6th class!

A special thank you to all the helpers who made it possible for the girls to bake all these delicious and flavoursome cookies at home. 🍪💞 It was like being in a professional cookie kitchen this morning!!! 😂  Well done to all the 6th Class girls, I was so proud to see all the amazing goodies you produced from scratch!

All the money made will go towards funding our Junior Entrepreneur Programme. 👏

Attached are some of the photos of these fabulous cookies, and some of our amazing customers!❤️☺️🍪