1st class Room 9

We get up to lots of fun things in room 9.

To mark National Tree Day last Friday we gathered fallen leaves from our homes and school to create leaf people. We love how different each of our ‘people’ are. We hope you like them as much as we do.

This month our theme in Aistear is the ‘Estate Agents’. We have had lots of fun role playing buying mansions and selling lots of different types of houses. We made houses to sell in the junk art station and used the blocks to create a farmhouse. Here we are busy at work.

PE is one of our favourite subjects. We have a new GPO Paul who comes in every Monday to teach us new skills in GAA. We can bounce the ball, throw and catch and are working really hard on our solos. We love all our warm up games too.

It can be tiring working hard all day so we really enjoying doing our movement breaks. We love dancing and exercising in between some of our lessons.