6th class go to the Natural History Museum

We had a fantastic time visiting the Natural History Museum. We learned so much about different animals, where they come from, different species and how they survive in the wild. We gathered information on different animals and the museum and created a project based on our trip. We had a lovely day out. 

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Reading Buddies 

We are really enjoying reading with our buddies! 6th class are such great buddies! They help us when we get stuck and ask us really good questions about the stories!  Thank you to Ms. Conroy for helping to organise it! 

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Scratch Programming Course

Our Computer programming club started today. The girls learned how to make their cats move forward and backwards. The learned how to make their cats move up and down. And the learned how to make their cats write a letter. Well done girls. We have some future computer programmers and game designers in our school!

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Food Dudes in Junior Infants

The boys and girls in room four are really enjoying taking part in the Food Dudes programme. We have tasted cucumbers, bananas, peppers, mangetout, apples, mandarins, grapes and carrots. We won stickers, pencils, balls and bottles. We are looking forward to getting our Food Dudes lunch boxes soon and then we will bring in our […]

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