Health Promoting Schools

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The 2017-18 school year will be the 2nd year we as a school have participated in the Health Promoting Schools (HPS) initiative.  The HPS team worked extremely hard in our first year and were awarded our HPS flag which you can see proudly flying on the flagpole in the school garden.  To launch our new Healthy eating policy we held our ‘Be Healthy’ Week from 25th – 29th September 2017 and had our official flag raising ceremony. The HPS team will continue to work hard on our targets for the new school year.

The aims of a Health Promoting School include:

  • Promoting the health and well-being of pupils
  • Enhancing the learning outcomes of pupils
  • Upholding social justice and equity
  • Providing a safe and supportive environment
  • Involving pupil participation and empowerment
  • Linking health and education issues and systems
  • Addressing the health and well-being issues of school staff
  • Collaborating with parents/guardians and the wider community
  • Integrating health into the schools’ ongoing activities, curriculum and assessment standards
  • Setting realistic goals built on accurate data and sound evidence
  • Seeking continuous improvement through ongoing monitoring and evaluation


The benefits of a HPS are :

  • Better learning results for pupils
  • More done to promote staff health
  • A co-ordinated approach to social, physical and environmental needs
  • Increased pupil self-esteem
  • Lowered incidence of bullying
  • School environment is safer and more secure
  • Better understanding of schools’ health aims
  • Improved relationships within the school
  • More involvement of parents/guardians
  • Better use of outside agencies
  • Pupils receive better quality education

Meet our Committee


We have representatives from 2nd Class through to 6th Class, Teaching Staff and Special Needs Assistants on our committee.

Information Notice Boards

We have 2 Notice Boards around the school.  One on the Junior Corridor and one on the stairs going up to the Senior Corridor.  On these Notice Boards you will see information, ideas and slogans/quotes.


We also have a suggestion box on the window sill next to the Notice Board on the downstairs corridor if anyone has an ideas for us!


Promoting Positivity & Kindness

These are some of the Noticeboards around the school the HPS team have been working on to encourage positivity and kindness in our school.

IMG_4160 IMG_4151IMG_4158

Healthy Eating

We are trying to help everyone become aware of the amount of sugar in some of the foods they eat. Our Noticeboard has shocked a lot of people!


A letter went home to all students during ‘Be Healthy’ week with guidelines from our new Healthy Eating Policy.

We would encourage parents to support this Healthy eating policy when ordering lunches from the menu for their child.